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Computer Repair

Home  -  Master Wiring is one of the only companies in the state of Maryland that will come to your home for all of your computer needs. No more inconvenience to you: we will work around your schedule and also offer you free advice at:  Service@MasterWiring.Com

Business – We come to you and offer same day repairs. You call and we will be there for you. Here are a couple of tips for you:

Tip #1  Computer Clean Up – Even though you think your computer is sealed it’s not. Dust can get inside and in just as little as a month it can create enough static electricity that it can burn up your Mother Board.

Tip #2 Hard Drive Clean Up – Files, Drawers and Programs; when they are not used all of the time they set in your hard drive and make your computer run slow. You could also have the problem of your computer locking up. Disk clean up will store these files in another location so you can still access them when needed. Doing this will restore speed and you will have a more reliable computer.

Computer Clean up and Hard Drive clean up $49.99 WOW !!!!!!!!

Others charge hundreds of dollars each. We will do five computers at our price and each additional at $9.99.

Disk Clean Up will start at $60.00 – Along with this we will also check your computer for corrupted files and check your computers for shorts or damage.

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