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Built to Order PCs

Home You will not find another company that will do this.

We can build a PC to your specifications and come to your house to set it up. We will also set you up with an Internet service and show you how to use it. All of this starting at the low price of $999.99.

Business Work Stations: Built to your specifications from hardware to software. We will deliver, program and connect to your network.

Servers Servers are nothing but another work station that can save and transfer files programs and more. No need to spend four, five or even six thousand dollars. We can show you how to build a server for as little as #1200.00.   Unbelievable!!!!  Believe it

Fax servers- Fax servers are great for heavy faxing. Example your business send out faxes to other  companies offering  your product.With a fax server you can do 480 faxes per hour. Saves time money and makes you money as well. All starting at $5,500.00



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