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Master Wiring is a company with the drive and dedication to offer the best quality work for less money then any other competitor. Master Wiring is Family owned and operated, and has been servicing the Maryland area since 1990.

 All employees are licensed bonded certified and trained professional. And only committed to offer high quality workmanship. In every field Master Wiring feels we have the best in the industry. Most of are technicians have over 10 years of experience and take pride in the work they do. With everything that Master Wiring does we are sure if you own a home having one built or if you own a business we can be your one stop shop to fit all your needs. Computer Networks, Pc repair, Voice & Data, Security Systems

Satellite, Cable TV, Built to order pc. We stand by are products and installation 100%. Since we stand by our work we only use the best product. Like DSC,PELCO,SMC,SONY,LINKSYS,3COM,PENTIUM,AT&T and many more. Save Money time and the Hassle and call Master Wiring for all your need.

Let Master Wiring be the first company you call.     CALL TODAY   410-284-2283

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